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Giulia Marchi’s images are the result of photographic experimentation often exemplified by her use of polaroids and pinhole cameras; the unexpected results of this approach, the purity of these imprecisions, the stripped down gaze associated with this type of photographic methodology, restore a purified vision of reality described through abstraction. A vision entrenched in projects such as Domum (presented at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale) and Multiforms (a body of work translated to a limited edition artist book published by Danilo Montanari Editore), shortlisted for the BNL  Pnb Parisbas prize at MIA Fair in 2013 and acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cassino.

Marchi’s research is heavily reliant on her passion for literature and written narrative; a fascination epitomized in the projects ‘Prima di essere schiuma saremo indomabili onde’ and ‘Dit-Mansion’. In collaboration with Mustafa Sabbagh, Giulia Marchi produces the artist book 17:17 (Danilo Montanari Editore), currently housed in MAXXI Museum’s  collection in Rome. Amongst her selected group and solo exhibitions are: Rokovoko, her first solo show at Matèria in Rome; a solo booth at the 2016 London Art Fair, a group slideshow curated by Anna Fox, showcased at Tate Liverpool in 2015 and the group exhibition titled ‘Murmur’ at Flowers Gallery London in 2016.

Her most recent exhibition was presented at Matèria in early 2018, featuring a double solo show with artist Xiaoyi Chen, titled ‘One giant leap’. In the same year, she is awarded the Rotaract Prize at Artefiera Bologna for the artwork ‘Camera Anecoica’. 

Her works are housed in numerous international public collections, institutes and research centers.

Fluxus, 2016
Installation view - one giant leap, 2017