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Stefano Canto is an Italian artist based in Rome.

His artistic practice centers around the semantics of the object and its context and further expanding on the relationship between natural environment, urban space and human interaction. His works often deals with sociological issues, questioning the natural sciences and history.

His artistic research started out from the observation of the surrounding environment, understood as a complex, polymorphous and polysemantic reality constituted by manifold elements, in continuous dialogue with each other, endowed with a concrete identity of symbolic, evocative and communicative values.

His field of investigation is the semiotics of the object, architecture and of location, undertaken with the conviction that the object and the context in which it is inserted – both the content and the container – are tightly connected in a relationship of logical and semantic contiguity.

His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally including, “Concrete Archive”, Matèria Gallery (Rome 2016); “Les temoins de l’invisible”, Dakar Biennial (2016); “Open studio”, Viafarini (Milan 2016); ”Dislodging the Silence: Public Art Intervening in Mussolini’s Foro Italico”, American Academy in Rome (2015); ”Janela: Migrating Forms and Migrating Gods”, Ko-chi Muziris Biennial (India 2014); “All That Fall”, Riso Museum (Palermo 2014), ”The stones are my idea of imagination”, Museum of Marble (Carrara 2013); “Connect the dots (and see the unseen)”, MACRO (Rome 2012); ”Selbstbewegung”, Corpo 6 Gallery (Berlin 2012); ”Bachem-Natter Happy-Christmas”, Civic Gallery of Modern Art (Spoleto 2010); “Contemporary Energy Italian Atti-tudes”, SUPEC (Shanghai 2010); “Terna Prize”, MAXXI, Tempio di Adriano (Rome 2009); Romberg Gallery (Roma 2009, Latina 2006).

AE rep.10, 2016
Installation view - Sotto l'influenza del Fiume. Sedimento. 2018