The Inadequacy of Language

05.05.2016 – 07.06.2016


Available works and installation views


Matèria is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of work by Xiaoyi Chen opening Thursday May 5, 2016.

The exhibition, entitled The Inadequacy of Language features the series ‘Koan’ and previews a selection of images from Chen’s ongoing series ‘An Infinitesimal Wink’.

Xiaoyi Chen’s practice is tied to a natural, oriental aesthetic, influenced by Western abstract art and oriental philosophy. Photography is a personal tool for Chen, used to question broad concepts that migrate from the personal to the philosophical realm. Her work focuses on the combination of photography and printmaking, a combination of techniques used to explore beneath the surface of things by simplifying and abstracting; an approach aimed at reviving spiritual awareness and intuition before entering the symbolic nature of what we view.